being veg in Martin County

Since I started this blog, the vegetarian/vegan options have improved greatly. Check it out!

Where to Eat Lunch Etc: 

Fruits and Roots Vegan Cafe and Juice Bar– YAY! Stuart’s first all-vegan cafe! Offers breakfast and lunch, all vegan options. They get produce locally, the bread comes from Importicos (scroll down, they’re awesome too)- small business doing it right. Smoothies, juice, and food. I’m so excited about this place.

Planet Ozone – when you want to eat lunch at an eco-friendly gas station. Great middle-Eastern vegetarian/vegan food.  Their prepared salads are cheap, good and fast. Plan to spend more time here than you think you should plan to spend. Slow service but good good.

Emman’s Asian Gourmet– In the 555 Building on Colorado. One of my favorite Thai places, a little fancy but worth the price. Wednesday nights are Vietnamese (and really delicious!)

Krua Thai– my other favorite Thai place, where the service is a little faster than 7 Orchids and the foods is equally amazing. At Indian Street and US1.

Taco Shack– In the 555 building, on Colorado Ave. They offer several vegetarian/vegan tacos that are really tasty- cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, black bean/avocado… as well as soup and nachos. Two thumbs up, seriously. And right next door…

India Palace-  Kanner & US1. The lunch menu has several reasonably priced vegetarian options and will guide you to vegan options as needed. I’m a sucker for aloo paratha and their lentil soup. My fingers are crossed that they’re going to stay for a while. Martin County needs Indian food.

Kazu- Japanese & Sushi.  2137 SE Federal Hwy (Monterey and US1). A friend of mine says vegetarian sushi is a waste of money. Kazu is definitely the exception to the rule. In addition to awesome veggie rolls, you can get one of five different vegetarian appetizers (the spinach gomae is fantastic). Their “Specials” menu, which hasn’t changed in the last year, also has an awesome eggplant dish. Also, bonus points for cute decor. Love this place.

Coffee and Stuff… 

Bunkhouse Coffee Bar, Jensen Beach. Excellent coffee with multiple vegan milk options at no extra charge! Changing variety of vegan baked goods, and an adorable dog.

Coffee Bar Blue Door– My favorite super-cute coffee/beer/wine place in downtown Stuart. Great soy/almond coffee and tea options. Not a lot in the way of vegan food, so don’t go hungry, but the coffee is great, service is unreal good, and the atmosphere is unbeatable. Sit outside in the courtyard- dreamy- or inside for great conversation and to meet awesome locals.

Importicos– Bakery and cafe, in the 555 building, on Colorado Ave. Non-dairy coffee options (soy and/or almond, depending on availability) and a (growing) small selection of vegan baked goods. Their lunch menu is light on vegan options, but almost all of their bread is vegan and so delicious.

Stuart Coffee- More indoor seating than the Blue Door, and a slightly larger food menu. Located downtown and a pleasant place to sit and chat with a friend (Kelly, meditation teacher and all-around helping-hands at YogaFish and blogger at The Full Vegetarian and I meet here every two weeks to talk meditation and business). Non-dairy options for coffee and tea and a few makeshift vegan options (a hummus wrap, bagels, a salad you could leave everything off of, etc.- you know the story).

A Little Bit Fancy… 

11 Maple Street– Super fancy. Don’t be fooled by the menu; the chef will make you an incredible vegetarian meal on request.

District Table- Excellent food, service and philosophy- they buy from local farms. There are vegetarian options but virtually nothing vegan on the menu (they love to put eggs on stuff, as far as I can tell). However, they are happy to prepare a vegan plate and it has been stunning (and different) the three times I’ve been there.

In a Pinch: 

Where else can you eat vegetarian/vegan in Stuart? Pei Wei, Tropical Smoothie (they now have fake meat available for any of their dishes, if you’re into that), Chipotle, and Toojays (if you are vegetarian but not vegan, you will do better here- the veggie reuben used to be my fave!) are my standbys. Heck, you can get a veggie sandwich and awesome fries at 5 Guys. Got more suggestions? Leave me a message and let me know!

Willing to Drive?… 

Christopher’s Kitchen– Where to take the visiting family when you want to show them how delicious and easy it is to eat vegan. All plant-based menu, truly elegant presentation- definitely one of my favorite places to eat.

Darbster– West Palm, but worth the drive. 100% vegan, many raw options. Lots of really comforting feel-good food- I love the Palm Cakes and the Wellington. The cheese option is Daiya (not my favorite, so I avoid those) but they will leave it out if requested. Dog-friendly dining, too! Another favorite when I have time to drive there. I’ve taken several non-vegans and they’ve all really loved it.